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Opening: Monday to Thursday 9 am -13pm, 14 pm- 19 pm

Who we are?

The Kelemen Clinic is incredibly popular with both the people of Budapest and dental tourists from the USA, UK and countries across Europe. As the clinic has grown considerably over many years, it has become a hugely popular destination for international patients who enjoy the exquisite, yet low cost treatments along with their beautiful time in Budapest.

Dental Relax was created within the Kelemen Clinic to deal specifically with its international customer base. Priding themselves on being pioneers of dental treatment, the clinic boasts industry leading technology and treatments that go beyond what other clinics are able to offer.

More than two decades of experience

in Budapest

Dr Pál Kelemen

Image of Dr. Pal Kelemen

Dr. Pál Kelemen is the head of our Clinic and has the greatest experience in dentistry. For more then 20 years dr. Pál Kelemen has been doing implantation work and has experience in several different implant systems. As a DMD, oral surgeon and master of implantology he tirelessly focuses on spending his time attending international conferences. His main strength is providing a warm, welcoming environment for his patients making sure whenever you step into the Clinic you will feel totally at home.

Dr Péter Kelemen

Image of Dr. Péter Kelemen

Dr. Peter Kelemen graduated in 1998 Summa Cum Laude at the Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry. He qualified with flying colours and gained a Doctor of Dental Sciences (D.D.S.) and Master of Oral Medicine (M.O.M.)

He then had further training in the field of Dentistry and Stomatology in 2000 with further training in the field of Dentoalveolar Surgery in 2007. Ever the man to expand his field of knowledge he trained in the field of Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics in 2007 under the European Union standardization.

Dr. Peter Kelemen also has 13 years experience in implantology. His work is characterized with precision and professionalism. He is extremely skilled in aesthetic dentistry, porcelain veneers, jacket crowns, zirconium based teeth restoration, inlays, tooth whitening, prosthetic work onto implants.

He is a hard worker around the clinic (like everyone i may add), communicative and friendly. He speaks English, German, and Russian.

Dr. András Kelemen

Image of Dr. András Kelemen

András graduated from the Semmelweis Medical University. His patients favour him for his attitude and kind manner. He is extremely patient, especially in dealing with highly sensitive dental cases. His speciality fields are prosthetics and conservative dentistry. He speaks fluent English and German.